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Today at the Y was nuts.  I was seriously pissed.  There were children on the cardio machines and high school sports teams in the weight room unsupervised.  Seriously just image a high school lacrosse team lifting aka texting and talking about girls, while you are trying to get some serious reps in.  I know the Y is about family, but when there is a 12 year old on a treadmill over me, it bothers me.  Shouldn’t he be playing basketball or indoor soccer with his friends?  I would love to have organized sports over treadmill running any day!  Anywho I don’t spend good money to be surrounded and over powered by children so I am trying to find another gym with a pool for less.

In happier news I went to a new yoga studio tonight.  Living social had a deal for $30 for 30 days which mean you can get 30 classes for the price of 2.  The studio is close to my gym so I went after I encountered the kids.  the class was yoga for athletes and I really liked it.  It was definitely more like a deep stretching session, but I NEED that.  Also, we sat around after talking about our next race etc.  most of the people are tri-athletes which is really cool so they had a lot to say about my injuries.  We worked our core and quads the most.  My core has gotten so weak since I have stopped running, it is sad.  I am going back for another class tomorrow night so we shall see how that goes!

Biggest Loser is crazy!  The human body is an amazing thing!

PSA: Please support your local animal shelter!


One Comment on “Workout News”

  1. Lindsay says:

    H, I used to hate how kids would come to the Y. And, the senior citizens! I know it sounds awful, but I really really hated it. I also hated the time limits on the machines. 30 mins on a treadmill=not enough when training for a major race, and people would come and tell me “oh i signed up for 530” and i would have to get off. All those things combined with a skate park out front made me quit the Y and change to American Family. The hours are better too. Sometimes I question if it’s worth it because it is so pricey, but I could never go back to the Y. Glad your yoga experience was a good one! I want to go to a yoga studio!!

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