When Life Tells You Not To Run, Organize!

Today I went for a second opinion on my foot pain.  I made this appointment before I had my knee flair up.  I went to an actual podiatrist who specializes in feet and not general orthopedics.  Don’t get me wrong, I trust the orthopedist but I knew it wasn’t a bone issue, and I was right.

The podiatrist told me that I have enflamed tendons aka tendonitis in my foot caused by my incorrect running in the Vibrams and with due to a slight pronation.  I actually pronate more on my left than my right – go figure.  Good news is my insurance will cover my orthotics in full, which I didn’t think they would do and we have a plan if they do not work.  I am also hoping that with the correction in my stride my IT band will have less issues.  I’m getting fitted next Thursday so I hope to be in my new feet soon.  I know this goes against all things Vibrams, but I talked in detail with my doctor and he said they are great shoes, just not for running.  For now I will agree – I want to run again!

So what does one do when the hours of 4:30-6:00 usually include a trip to the gym?


I went to Real Simple today and figured out some good ideas for organizing my kitchen and closets.  I got right to work when I got home.

A few before and after shots for you!


Under the sink – food storage items with cleanings stuff (VERY BAD!) Lots of plastic bags from my roommates shopping trips, and dish rack.


After – no food storage, plastic bags in an old coffee can behind the divider, dish rack and cleaning supplies.


This is my catch all drawer, or it was.  Now I have the things I use every day or at least very often.IMG_0658

I got rid of a lot of stuff but most of it went to another drawer where I keep things I use but less often.


This drawer  Pointing up + Thumbs down this drawer


Became this one!Star


I know it is not really very organized but it is much better than it was!  Wonder where the food storage items went?


The empty combined drawer above!

Now I need to work on my pantry – it is a mess!

Icing the foot and hitting the hay early.  I may have to hit up Ikea this week…must set budget first!


One Comment on “When Life Tells You Not To Run, Organize!”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Organized life is a simpler life…congrats on time well spent. the frog clips look so cute peeping out from the drawer. Good news about orthotics…progress…love moma beans

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