Weekly Haul

I said I was going to post my groceries every week and talk about the distances they have traveled, whether they are organic and if they are seasonal.  Well, I failed miserably with this, but I remembered this week!


I usually go to the store with a list but sometimes I forget it or other things get in my cart anyway.

So what went in the cart this week?

  • Organic Kale – USA
  • Organic carrots – Cali
  • Organic broccoli – USA
  • Baby bella – PA
  • bananas – costa rica
  • organic turnip – USA
  • Organic apples –USA
  • Organic oranges –USA
  • Food for Life english muffins
  • organic chicken broth, low sodium – the reason I get chicken over veggie is that WF does not have a low sodium veggie (I should compare!)
  • Tellegio cheese – ummm Italy, whoops
  • Blue Cheese – USA
  • Organic Spinach –MA
  • CA currants aka small raisins – CA
  • turkish apricots – Turkey?
  • Organic acorn squash – not sure
  • Organic chick peas
  • organic stewed tomatoes

All of this was $54 and if you add that to the $15 from Springfield farm That is $69 for the week.  I rarely buy food out and if I do it is usually with Nick and we are at Einstein (which has soy in every single one of its bagels btw).  I know I eat mainly organic, but I think $69 for a weeks worth of food for one + 1/4 person is pretty darn good.  I never spend over $100 .

How much do you spend in a week on food?  What is your biggest driver in your food selection?  Price? Flavor?  Packaging? Organic vs. Conventional?  I am curious what you think!


6 Comments on “Weekly Haul”

  1. jrugge says:

    Do you sit down and write out a menu for the week before you go shopping? I always want to do this but never manage to get it done.

    • Moma Beans says:

      Hey Rugge,I did that when I was getting my girl scout badge! While that is true, more seriously, I think planning a menu for a week is a great idea. It saves time every night, you can plan a balance of foods, tastes, and as long as you give yourself some flexibility to change does not stifle creativity. Maybe I should start taking my own advice!

    • Heather says:

      I usually try and plan out some meals I could make during the week based on stuff I already have and would just have to add some produce to. I also try to plan meals that could make good leftover so I don’t have to think about that in AM. This being said I don’t always stick to it but I know if I am out of produce by the end of the week, I did a good job 🙂

  2. Moma Beans says:

    Lilybeans…I got the taleggio cheese too. It was on sale! How can you resist?

  3. Moma Beans says:

    lilybeans I got the taleggio too. it wa son sale. How can you resist?

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