Ever heard of a Thundersnow?  Well we are having one right now!


I know people up north have been having tons of snow this winter but we has out share last year, and now we are getting hit with another storm.  They said we could get up to 8in and I think we are almost there.  Not sure if I will be making it into work tomorrow seeing as it was not safe on the roads this morning and there were only about 5 people in today.


After some gchatting with Ruggs in the land down under I had planned on making an acorn squash and beans for dinner, but I just did not feel like beans again.  I basically just started cooking everything I had in the kitchen and knew I could throw the leftover in the fridge for lunches.

This is what I came up with.


Organic parsnip fries in Indian spices, organic green beans (frozen) and organic quinoa with the remainder of my blue cheese dressing from last night.


These were both good but the best part was definitely my organic baby bella mushrooms on homemade bread toast with cheese!


This reminded me of a mushroom melt and I want to make this for nick with some caramelized onions, yum!

I loved all of the flavors and textures in this meal!  AND I love that it covers my needs from fats to proteins.

Sissy and I are not cuddling on the couch and I am sipping some mandarin orange tea.

How is the weather around you????


2 Comments on “Thundersnow”

  1. Coco says:

    it’s a snowy snowy baltimore!

  2. Moma Beans says:

    we got 13 inches on top of all that we already had! train service is suspended at least for now the moon is highlighted in the sunrise sky. it is beautiful. If only we could have a real snow day to just make snow angles and snow men!

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