Fresh Bread Take Two

I tried my had at bread making again today and I had more success!


I had a better and faster rise and I used my food processor instead of the dough hook.  I found that what I think is lukewarm is actually cold so I used warmer water, which I think led to a better rise.  Over the lip!


I made the same King Arthur nut and seed bread as last time except I used sunflower seeds and toasted buckwheat.


I had the butt with raspberry jam as part of my lunch and it was delicious!


I want to try other daily bread recipes but I am worried they will not turn out as well.  Do you have any never fail bread recipes that is your go-to?  Send em my way!


One Comment on “Fresh Bread Take Two”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    I will look for my recipie…with the little clues I had to get the yeast to do its thing. I love yhe feel of kneading bread!

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