What Have You Been Up To?

My weekend through food and flowers…no humans were involved.


Mushroom Melts revamped with caramelized onions and roasted brussels


Loaf #3 a little brown, but I used real yeast this time and had a pretty good rise!



Best Breakfast in a really long time…IMG_0753

MY bread made as french toast with farm egg, cinnamon, almond extract and milk.IMG_0752

Topped with grilled banana, almond butter, raspberry jam, buckwheat and chia seeds.IMG_0755

Tulips from Momma Beans!  They remind of the ones in our front house when I was a kid.


Almond butters.  I’ll take a large regular and a small COCONUT almond butter!  Yep!  Slap that stuff on dark chocolate and call me an Almond Joy!


Roasted red pepper hummus made from bulk-bin dry chickpeas

I was able to run for 10min today without feeling like someone was stabbing me in the knee…it was a good day!


2 Comments on “What Have You Been Up To?”

  1. Coconut almond butter? Did you make it or buy it? Sounds fabulous!

    • Heather says:

      Made it. It is really easy! Just throw roasted almonds in the food processor until crumbly and then add as much unsweetened coconut as you want. Blend the almonds and coconut until you have a smooth almond joy.

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