It was a particularly feisty day in the office and to get out some of my pent up annoyance I wrote down a bunch of things I basically want to scream.

  1. I used to eat meat at least 2 times a day – sandwich at lunch and a main part of my dinner
  2. I used to think vegetarians were weird
  3. I still think vegans are weird because I could never give up REAL cheese
  4. I think faux meat “patties, tenders, nuggets and strips” are an easy way out and gross
  5. I judge the top food bloggers on the sustainability/seasonality/localness of the food they make more than their recipe because they have such a large audience and could make such a change (and some of them really impress me!)
  6. I really want to change the way American’s think about food but I don’t know where to start in Baltimore
  7. I think everyone that cares about their own health and the health of their loved ones should see Food Inc
  8. I don’t expect everyone to change, just listen
  9. I really miss running – yes, I think about other things than the food system!
  10. I hope I can make my dreams come trueIMG_0759

Something to make you think:  Check out the difference sizes of these bananas.  Don’t pay attention to color, just size.  the lower one is a fair trade the top one is a regular Chiquita.  What are they feeding the banana trees in Ecuador????  Sissy was curious.



Thanks for the banana Deb!


One Comment on “Confessions”

  1. Lindsay says:

    I really really like this post!! I’m glad you don’t judge them on the cleanliness of their kitchens 😉

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