“L” Is For The Way You Look At Me

Red heartRed heartHAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!!Red heartRed heart

I hope you are enjoying your day.  It is super warm and windy here, and I kind of feel like Mary Poppins will fly in with her umbrella.

Nick and I celebrated V-Day this past weekend because he is in NY today.

Nick spent way too much money, but everything was perfect and reminded me why I love him.  He might be clueless about a lot of things, but he also knows me really well Secret telling smile

He got me my favorite Lilies that smell amazing!


The stinky ones are just starting to come out!

He also got me the Dance Central game for the Kinect!


What is next to the game????IMG_0767

Homemade pb cups with 3 different choices – pb, coconut almond butter, pb and jam.  I made them for Nick to go with his Limited addition Dogfish brews.


Inside the pb and jam cup.  You can see that the ratio is off for chocolate to filling.  The pb gets a little over powered by the chocolate making them super rich but still delicious!

After some afternoon chocolate and beer we headed out to dinner at our favorite place – B Bistro!

Nick always wants to try the snails when we are there, but I usually want to pass.  Well, tonight was the night for snails!  Oh I mean escargot…


Served on bib lettuce with wild mushrooms and a garlic brown butter sauce.  All I have to say is you can make anything delicious with brown butter sauce.  I really liked how they got the mushrooms and snails crispy in the butter.  Nick really liked them too!

For our main dishes Nick went with his old stand by


Crispy duck.  We don’t know how they get the duck so fall of the bone delicious but they cook the beans like baked beans but with duck fat instead of pork.  It is really rich, but those beans are seriously delicious.

I went with something new on their menu.


Dorade (Rugge, please don’t tell me this is super over fished – I can’t find anything on the web saying their stocks are in trouble).  It is about the size of a black sea bass and is also known as a sea bream.  It was good, but kind of large and could have used some sort of lemon sauce on top for a little flavor pop other than the garlic pesto line.  It also came with swiss chard cooked with pine nuts and golden raisins (yum!)

We can’t go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day without a little chocolate!IMG_0772

This is a chocolate molten cake with salted caramel and homemade ginger ice cream.  I am usually all about the chocolate, but this ice cream was so delicious!  I am going to have to try some of their other flavors now!

After dinner Nick and I went out for an after dinner drink and got treated to Godiva martinis by the bar.  They were not overly sweet and tasted like Bailey’s, but don’t tell the Godiva rep that!  Unfortunately we came out to the car to a seriously deflated tire that I did not realize until we were on the road.  We were less than a mile from home so I just took it slow and made it to our driveway safely.  Thank goodness AAA came first thing in the AM and that my spare is a full tire!

I was freaking out when the tire issue happened, but at least Nick was there and I wasn’t driving to work through the ghetto.  Always have to put things in perspective.

I am going to get my orthotics today and I hope they help with my foot and knee!  Bummed I won’t be spending the evening with N, but at least we had a memorable weekend and I can spend my V-day with my other love.


Miss. Sissypants.



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