Cooking Class

Happy Friday Everyone!Note Friday Dance!

Yesterday was Nick’s Birthday, but because he is in NY we did not get to celebrate Sad smile

Instead I attended a vegetarian cooking class with his mom, which I got her for Christmas.


The Baltimore International College is a local cooking school that just started offering Food Enthusiast classes for the public.

We basically sat down, ran through each of the recipes, and got cooking!

We were in charge of the risotto with tapenade.


I finally learned how to make risotto!  It takes a long time, but it is simple if you have patience, which I am working on…

My face was on fire with the broiler being right at head level, but I guess it is always hot in the kitchen.IMG_0785

Serving it up!  See the red stuff???  That is rhubarb, we made a strawberry rhubarb crumble!  One of my favorites!


Yummy, but I am so sensitive to sugar now.  It is amazing because this had ~1 cup total sugar in it.  For some reason I can still eat chocolate no problem.

While the crisp was in the oven we decided to try out had at making veggie sushi.IMG_0788

I put waaaay too much rice in my roll, but it was a lot easier than it looks ONCE you have the rice.  The rice is key!

Two other highlights was the ragout for the gnocchi


and the canopy of grilled veggies and goat cheese


The group also made portabella mushroom burgers (I make a better one), goat cheese and onion torte IMG_0789

Everything laid out.

I had a really good time, and it was really nice to talk to other people that have the same food views as you.  We learned new knife skills and met some interesting people.  My only complaint would be that it was a little unorganized and that there were just too many dishes being made at the same time.  I also asked the chefs about working with seasonal ingredients and local farmers and they said they were working on that (I will take their word for it). – They are learning to be professionals and they will only go organic/local/sustainable if the market demands it, and it is.

I would sign up for another class in a few months once they work out the kinks.

Great Thursday night!


One Comment on “Cooking Class”

  1. Lindsay says:

    Aww fun with the FMIL! The canopy with veggies + goat cheese looks SO good!!!

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