I’m Engaged!


After many years of dating Nick and I are finally getting MARRIED!  We have talked about it for awhile, but I tried not to push him.  Every time we saw family the question was, “So when are you guys getting married?”  Well, now they can stop asking!  We went hiking yesterday and stopped by the wooden bench above and Nick asked me to marry him.

I am excited to blog about this adventure.  So far we know we want a SMALL as possible wedding in some sort of barn rustic location.  Food is really important to me (obviously) and we want to keep the wedding as “green” as possible.  More details to follow but for now we are going to enjoy each other until Nick has to get on the bus to NY.


N+H circa 2004.


8 Comments on “I’m Engaged!”

  1. Coco says:

    congratulations!!! how exciting 🙂

  2. Lindsay says:

    awww i love the circa 2004 pic! felicitations!!!!

  3. Veruska says:

    Congratulations N+H! This is a very important step – Best wishes are coming your way from Italy! V&S

  4. Katherine says:

    YES!!!!! I am so so so so so excited for you, as I know ive said a million times already haha. Wishing you and Nick ALL the happiness you can handle =) love you beans!

  5. aunt nancy says:

    Best wishes to you, Heather; and of course congratulations to you, Nick. Sorry it took me so long to get this to you. I wanted a little less exposure than Facebook! I wish for you both all the best, and of course, love and happiness always.

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