Try Some Cabbage?

So I have never really been into cabbage.  Well actually I don’t really eat it very much.  It is just not a vegetable that jumps out at me in the produce aisle saying “eat me!”  This past weekend I picked one up to try some bear braised cabbage I saw on KERF.  I didn’t feel like looking up the recipe so I just winged it with some Sam Adams.


Cabbage may not photograph well, but it surely tasted good!  It was slightly spicy raw and picks up flavor well.

In the braising pot:

  • 1 small head of cabbage
  • bbq sauce
  • garlic powder
  • splash of Sam Adams
  • S&P

Along with my cabbage I had some sautéed mushrooms, a fried egg, stewed tomatoes and a slice of homemade whole wheat bread, which I found is 100x better with honey than molasses.



Random assortments for dinner seems to be the norm these days!IMG_0797

Nick and I are going to visit some wedding venues this weekend in PA.  They seem to have more barns available than Maryland does.  If you know of a nice rustic barn for rent in MD, please let me know!


2 Comments on “Try Some Cabbage?”

  1. I don’t know of any in MD, but I am aware of one in PA! I forget the name – I will check and get back to you!

  2. Here’s the one I was talking about. It’s in Lancaster:

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