Every year my mom and I take a trip to escape the winter blues.  Last year we went to Sanibel Island and this year we made our way down to Costa Rica.  We wanted to stay some place that was NOT  a resort (I despise children on vacation) and we wanted something that was actual “eco-tourism” – a word that gets used way too much these day.  What I found was seven days of pure bliss at  Panacea de la Montana.  I loved how the owners interacted with their guests and wanted to get to know them.  The three owners each had a special place on the mountain and seemed to work in perfect harmony.  It was a great day starting with yoga at 7 with Mary, breakfast at 9 made by Debbie, at 10 you had the option to head to the beaches, go on another adventure or just sit by the pool and relax.  Lunch was at 1 followed by water aerobics at 3 taught by Debbie and dinner at 6:30.  For all the time in between you were able to do whatever floated your boat and they were more than willing to set you up on a more personalized look at Costa Rica – we rode horses at their friends ranch and went on an off road beach tour with another local.  If you are looking for a great place to relax and be treated like the best guest ever, you should seriously check out the Panacea.

This is our adventure through pictures…lots of pictures.


La Cabina – Amistad – no tv, phone or internet – none needed.





La Playa – Tamarindo – day one.


Mom hanging out in the pool and the view from the hammock on our cabina at sunset


Local Flavor –Debbie made us breakfast, lunch and dinner EVER day.  It was amazing local vegetarian food.



Local wildlife




Adventures – Estuary tour, horseback riding, hiking



The pineapple there was amazing!IMG_0839


Hike up the major hill in my vibrams…do not tell my orthopedist!IMG_0832IMG_0833IMG_0830IMG_0831

Costa Rica is hot!  Bring some SPF and a hat.

Beautiful things –





yeah we got crafty! (2 above are mine, one below is my wedding motto!)IMG_0860


Where we spent most of our time when we were on the mountain.


Beautiful beaches that we were only able to see thanks to Tinica who showed us the way.


Back stairs to the cabina aka serious glute workout.



Final sunset in Costa Rica.  I hope the people who are developing it at all angles realize the mistakes people have made in developing other countries and try and treat the land with respect.  I am worried about Costa Rica, but it is nice to know there are good people looking out for the place.


Hi Peter, Mary and Debbie!  I hope you all are doing well!


2 Comments on “Panacea”

  1. Lindsay says:

    beautiful pics!!! horseback riding!?!? love it!!!!

  2. Mary says:

    Wow, great photos, Heather!!! And what a great blog – hope that all things wedding wise continue to be easy & fun as well.

    Stay well, and please give a big hello to your mom.
    Love and light,
    Mary, Peter, & Debbie

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