Better In Plan Than Construction

I have seen chard leaves used a wrappers for many things around blogland so I thought tonight would be a good time for me to try it out!

I bought a giant bag of carrots this weekend so I knew I wanted to use them in the wrap, now I just need a protein – enter the lentil!

First I washed the chard leaves and cut them in half (these are massive).


I peeled two carrots and filled the leaves with them equally.

After the carrots I added the lentils and a special sauce.IMG_0885

Nutritional yeast, tomato sauce and hot chili sauce – this is where I went wrong because this sauce is too watery.  Next time I would use tomato paste instead of sauce.IMG_0886

Wrap it up and serve it up!IMG_0887

I would like to roll these a little better next time.  Ashley seemed to have a lot of luck with her breakfast chard leaves so I am going to her method out next time.  Either way the leaves were a nice shell and not bitter at all, there was just way too much water.


Nick and I have booked an venue!

We are getting married at the Rock Ford Plantation in Lancaster PA!  I have looked into pricing for invitations (we plan to make our own), I should be better two quotes from caterers soon and I am going dress shopping this weekend!  Our color is parrot/wild apple (I think) with Maryland wildflower colors as our accent colors.  I wanted a fall orange but then realized I didn’t want to limit myself because you never know what they will have in September!

Lots of stuff going on this weekend besides dresses.  My mom and I are going to Rock Ford to check out the actual measurements and logistics of where things will take place.  We are also going to check out hotels and B&Bs in the area!  So exciting!!!!


2 Comments on “Better In Plan Than Construction”

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  2. emily says:

    OMG wedding updates as an addition to your blog = awesome reading

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