Wedding Weekend Adventures!

Weekend successes, well sort of.  I didn’t find a dress totally because the only one I would consider buying is at the top of my price range and it needs some alterations.  I like chiffon, sheath, soft and airy dresses.  They turned off the lights in the salon so that one girl could “see herself sparkle” and it was hard for me to laugh.  Oh and I do not do trains.  Trains + barn wood + dirt = poop on my dress or a snag.  I think we might have made more progress in the bridesmaids dresses by actually seeing the colors of the fabrics and what is out there, and it was definitely a great place to start.

After dresses it was on to Lancaster to hangout with 20,000 quilters – no joke it was the national quilters convention.

We checked out the Central Market to see local bakeries and just to get a feel of the town and then headed over to look at a bed a breakfast for the wedding party to stay in.  Being able to be close to the wedding party was one of Nick’s favorite parts of the other location so we wanted to find that again.

We needed to find a place with 7 rooms, which is kind of hard for B&Bs, but we found one and booked it!

The best part of the place is the porch!


They also have a nice garden that will be great for pictures and Dave and Gerry (the owners) are totally cool with having the photographer all over their property.  Nick and I have a really nice room with a separate dressing room which will be great for the day of the wedding considering the Rock Ford does not have a dressing room in the barn.  The best part is that it is only 2 miles from the plantation and we found a Marriott for most of our guests to stay in that is 1 mile away and in the middle of historic downtown Lancaster.

Once we had the B&B squared away my mom and I headed over to Rock Ford so that she could see the place!IMG_0904

I love it even more now and I am so excited!  How could I not love a place that has this in the rafters?!!?IMG_0899

When I saw “H” and “N” in the rafters I knew that this would have to be where we got married.

I don’t want to give to many pictures so that guests will not know where they are going exactly, but one decoration I am playing with is origami.  I saw a picture of cranes hanging from the ceiling of a reception and I thought that would be a fun and interesting idea to play with.  I obviously cannot do cranes, but I have been trying to make flowers.  These are what I have came up with – note I would get double sided color paper and get my colors.


What do you think?  Cheesy? Tacky?  Could we pull them off?

Two weeks until Katherine is here to go to J.Crew weddings with me!


2 Comments on “Wedding Weekend Adventures!”

  1. Lindsay says:

    I cannot believe it says H N!!!!! FATE

  2. Katherine says:

    Hope these two weeks fly by! Getting more and more excited for H+N wedding love =)

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