New Flavors

I received a package from Tostitos as part of the FoodBuzz Tastemakers program.  Frito Lay is trying to change its image from the greasy artificially flavored chips of yesterday to a wider selection of “natural chips”IMG_0912

I got both Fire-Roasted Chipotle and Black Bean and Garlic.  The ingredient list was pretty decent as well.IMG_0913

I’m not a fan of the new law that permits companies to only write “Natural Flavors” when the ingredient is less than a certain percentage of the product.  I would classify these as healthier Cool Ranch Doritos, which I had a serious love for in my previous unhealthy life.  These seriously taste like those chips without the fake green and red flecks all over them.

I wanted to create something different with the chips than using them as a dipper to salsa.

I opted for bean burgers!

I started by crushing up some of the chips in a baggie.


I mixed the chips with some mashed adzuki beans that I had cooked earlier in the week.  No need to add any other seasoning these chips have enough!

15min each side in the oven at 350 and we are done!IMG_0916

These tasted just like the chips with added protein!  I paired it with a bunch of veggies to balance it out.


These chip are delicious, and I am glad that many snack food companies are feeling the pressure from the market to create healthier options for consumers.  If you love Doritos and want something you won’t feel as guilty about, try these!

Now I just need to make sure I do not eat them all before Katherine gets here on Friday so we can have chips and Margaritas!


2 Comments on “New Flavors”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    I am always happy to eat healthy chips! Look forward to margaritas as well anytime! love< mb

  2. Moma Beans says:

    The chip nut here again. I do want to add that this is good news in general, but I will continue to support those chip makers who have been using healthier ingredients all along.

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