Rant and Some Dinner

Hello and Happy Monday!

So this wedding planning business has been at least 2x harder than I thought it would be originally.  I did not know that I was going to need to know the hourly breakout of my wedding 5 months before it actually happens or that if you want a bridesmaids dress that is not black, blue or brown it will be really hard to find the exact color you DO want.  I have flighty caterers and have already put way more miles on my car than I wanted to when gas is $3.75/gal.  I think I am my own worst enemy with all of this because I am a list maker and a planner.  I do not just wing things, just ask Nick.  I want to get as much done as possible as soon as possible so I am not scrambling near the end.  It’s not that I don’t want to be all calm and make my wedding a really relaxed party, but I want it to be a perfect relaxed party.  It is also really hard because Nick is still living in NYC during the week so I am making these plans alone and on weekends we have to rush around to get things done.  My mom and future MIL have been great lending me a hand and visiting, but I am missing my other half.

I just cannot wait for 9/24/2011 to get here already!  But not too quickly because I don’t have everything ready yet!Winking smile

At least Sissy had a nice relaxing afternoon on the deck!  It was 85 today!


Warmer weather had me craving salad!  We now have local hoop house greens at Whole Foods, which are amazing!  Hoop Houses allow you to grow things earlier in the growing season without using fossil fuel and use more of a plastic greenhouse effect that heat the insides.  Their lettuce is so buttery!IMG_0938

  • head of red leaf lettuce (they are smaller heads than the conventional)
  • serving of cooked quinoa
  • grilled portabello with rosemary
  • mahon cheese amazing – calves stomach lining and all
  • 1 slices of toasted Great Harvest Dakota Bread
  • dressing – EVOO, red wine vinegar, brown mustard, s&p



When life is stressing me out I still want to make sure I am keeping balance!  It is basically the only way I stay sane!  Short jaunt and the gym and a delicious dinner.  Keep chugging along and we will get there.


One Comment on “Rant and Some Dinner”

  1. Lindsay says:

    yum on the salad. i think you are doing an amazing job on the wedding front and im definitely going to need your expertise….

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