Oh Summer Summer

It feels like summer outside!  It was 85 today and super humid.  At least I got to go barefoot outside and my plants have finally made it out on the balcony!


The need a little love and I am hoping that with a little sun light and fresh air they will be happy in no time!  I am also planning my garden and I think I will make things a little more simple this year – tomatoes, peppers, herbs and maybe some lettuce.  Pots are just really hard to manage due to watering.

Summer weather also had me craving burgers!

I opted for Daily Garnish’s vegan black bean burgers in the oven – no grills allowed.IMG_0953

These suckers are so good!  The cinnamon definitely makes them.  Along with my burgers I roasted up some broccoli and sautéed some onions and mushrooms with salsa sauce.IMG_0954

Salsa sauce is just salsa thickened with tomato paste.  I felt it would be good with the spices in the burger.IMG_0952

Time to hangout with Sissy and enjoy the cool breezes!


One Comment on “Oh Summer Summer”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    I had black beans tonight too…not as yummy as yours but better than chips! love you, moma beans

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