The Temperatures Are Rising

The temperatures are going up and down around here with crazy rain storms and winds.  These are not the best conditions for my little baby plants in the garden and Sissy is not helping matters by eating my bean plants!


She loves the balcony but she has taken a liking to all things bean, pepper and lettuce – this is not going to fly.  I think I will just have to put her favorites up on stools so that she can enjoy the outdoors without consuming my vegetables.  Maybe she is telling me she wants to be a vegetarian?

Speaking of vegetarian I whipped up a simple lentil summer salad to ring in the warm weather.IMG_0960

Cooked lentils with sautéed onions and mushrooms mixed with roasted red peppers and spinach.


I added feta to the top of this after the photo shoot and it was delicious!

I also ate it with chop sticks – I love them!IMG_0963

Incase anyone was wondering where my workout reports went I am still working out but it is completely different than when I was training.  There is something wrong with my knee that I do not have time to deal with right now.  It isn’t getting any worse but I can’t run at the moment.  I am working out 4-5 times a week with the elliptical, weight lifting, biking, swimming and yoga.  I miss running but at least I can stay marginally fit while I plan a wedding and try to stay sane!


One Comment on “The Temperatures Are Rising”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Your lentil salad looks great. Such a bummer about your knee. Silly Sissy! She is more of a challenge than the deer in my yard! love you, Mom

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