Spring Has Sprung!

Yesterday was the first day of my local farmer’s market!  I was so excited, I have been counting down the months and days!  Not all of the farmers were there and the selection was limited but it was so nice to see their happy faces again!  My first weeks haul was; asparagus, mixed greens, FARM EGGS!!!, apples and pasture raised ground beef from a new vendor!  I am excited to make burgers I can feel good about eating!  Nick will be happy to have some beef too.

Here are a few meals I made last night and tonight with my FM ingredients!


Curry yellow split peas, roasted turnip with chili powder, green beans, LOCAL pea shoots, arugula, spinach and greens.



Love munched lettuce!  I actually had a spider in my greens!IMG_0968

Tonight it was frittata time!  I bought the pan above specifically to make a frittata and this was my first one!  I followed Kath’s recipe minus the sunflower seeds because I didn’t have any and I added chili powder and collard greens.IMG_0969

Frittata slices, FM greens with blue cheese, buttered toast.


Delicious Maryland asparagus and eggs!

I cannot wait for more produce to continue to come in as the months go on.  I am also planning on picking strawberries and peaches again!

p.s. Check out my guest post on Heather’s blog to find out a little bit more about our wedding!


4 Comments on “Spring Has Sprung!”

  1. cyrina116 says:

    that looks amazing! We used to live in Baltimore and now we’re in Texas. Where is the farmer’s market you went to?

    • Heather says:

      I go to the Kenilworth one up in Towson. I used to go under the JFX but it has become more of a street fair of fried foods lately. You must have FM all year round in TX!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Love the frittata–YUM!

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