Five Things

1)  I made vegan Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler using Kuzu starch instead of corn starch.


IMG_0975 It is supposed to be less chemically processed than corn starch but I did not know how much to use in a conversion.  I went with just one to one but I should have realized that usually you need more of a real thing than a chemically derived one to get the results you want.  I just didn’t want it to be too firm, have you ever had an overly gooey dessert due to the starch measurement?  It is not pretty.

2) Red bliss potatoes and goat cheese is my new thing.IMG_0977

I think I really just like potatoes with a fancy cheese on them.

3)  I cannot get enough of these delicious farm eggs!IMG_0976

Dinner tonight was 2 farm eggs, 2 potatoes with goat cheese and broccolini with red pepper flakes.

4)  Nick was able to get last Friday off and we were able to get our wedding bands ordered and decide on suits in one afternoon.  We also spent only 1/2 of of ring budget on the rings.  Score!

5)  I know I am late on this but I wanted to have a special acknowledgement for my mom who on mothers day gave a donation to the homeless animals at BARCS who do not have mothers.  I thought it was a very selfless and thoughtful thing.  BARCS will also be receiving our wedding favor donation because we love animals and Sissy’s friends need all the help they can get!



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