Rhubarb By Any Other Name Than Crisp?

When it comes to using rhubarb I can only think of pies and crisps.  In the most recent issue of Eating Well they give a bunch of different recipes for using the fruit/root/veggie (?) and I went with one for dinner.


I chopped up the remaining rhubarb and rubbed it down with oil and brown sugar then roasted it in the oven for 10 @375.  I combined the rhubarb with goat cheese, oven baked tofu, sweet potato and farmers market greens.


Eaten with chopsticks because they are fun for picking up all of the little bites on the plate!IMG_0981

Close up of crispy tofu, goat, tater and barb.

While I was out snapping dinner shot I noticed that my peas have flowers as well as my strawberry!!!IMG_0982



I can’t wait for green beans and yummy strawberries!

I finally got back in the pool today and I am totally pooped.  I need to get to back early!


One Comment on “Rhubarb By Any Other Name Than Crisp?”

  1. cyrina116 says:

    ooo! i get that magazine too! your pictures are gorgeous!

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