Weekend Breakfasts

N and I had a pretty busy weekend with a food movie (Food Matters) showing and raw food dinner – from Zia’s!!!! – along with a crazy 60th Birthday celebration for N’s dad.  Even though our time was crunched I was still able to bang out two stellar breakfasts.


French toast with sunflower seed butter, granola and grilled MD peaches that I canned last summer. 


I sort of hoarded the peaches in the beginning and now I am trying to get through them before the new ones are at the farmers market!IMG_0987

I love FT on the weekend.

Next we have doughnuts and coffee!IMG_0989

I had a lot of fun using my mini doughnut pan this morning but unfortunately the recipe I used is nothing to write home about.


They are still really cute though and the best part was actually located on the “ugly” side.


chocolate chips!!!!!  I may have eaten all 12 throughout the day and this is why I do not have grab-able snack food throughout my house Smile

Wedding Update:  We picked up out wedding bands today and they are exactly what we ordered.  Simple and US.  I really like that my band is just a simple white gold band and I am probably going to write a post about wedding rings and the hype that surrounds them.  We also got all of our stamps for our wedding invitations, now I am just waiting for the actual invites to come back from the printers!  Walk through with all parties involved on Thursday – this is so exciting because I get to talk design with my coordinator.  Lastly my boutonnieres are being shipped!!!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


3 Comments on “Weekend Breakfasts”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Recipes are a learning experience! Have fun learning!

  2. Lindsay says:

    The donuts are SO cute! Whoa progress on the wedding front! Good job! 🙂

  3. so glad to see you in my comments – always good to meet another blogger especially one in MD! the french toast with maryland peaches looks amazing! i love peach season:)

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