Garden Update!

Last time we checked in on the garden Sissy was eating my peas.  Well she is still trying to eat my peas they have certainly grown!


I tried one tonight and they are delicious!

Other things growing out in the pots:


Lettuce that got a little dry while I was away for the weekend but they seem to be recovering nicely.IMG_1031

Strawberry that lasted all winter on the deck is once again producing…love how hearty they are, I need more!


Banana peppers!  These guys were an impulse buy and they are doing great!  I cannot wait to taste them.  Spicy? No idea because they are always pickled when they are on my sandwich!


My first baby tomato is coming out!  This guy is just a little cherry tomato but I cannot wait for my green zebra tomatoes to start coming out!

All of my herbs are doing so much better outside of the apartment.  My basil is thriving and I used my dill in dinner tonight!

Are you growing anything?


2 Comments on “Garden Update!”

  1. rugge says:

    Wow everything looks great! I need to do some research and see if anything will grow through the winter down here. Basil is inside now but not doing so great.
    Those peppers look soooooo tasty! Are you going to pickle any?

  2. Moma Beans says:

    You have a green thumb! what fun to watch a garden grow

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