Goodwill Adventures

Now that Katie’s wedding is over and we are quickly approaching the 100 day mark I decided to finally go and look for a few things on my list.

I went to Goodwill after work to see if I could scavenge any good things.

I think I came out pretty well!  I really wanted some fall colored unique glass pieces.


I’m not sure exactly what I will use these for, but I might put single flowers in the on side tables or just place them as is.  They are pretty unique and I love the old medicine bottle and  the short green one.  The green one has 1976 stamped onto the bottom and that may not be old but it makes it more likely to not have been mass produced in China.IMG_1080

Three other great things about these bottles are that one, they are recycled – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, two by buying them at Goodwill I am helping others and third, the only thing I can find close to them are 50% more expensive and at IKEA (not that I don’t love that place).

Along with my bottles I also picked up a stack of 5 pales for .90 each.IMG_1081

I have been looking for something a little more rustic but I could not pass them up at that price.  I may paint them to give them a faux rustic finish but we shall see.  Overall I spent less than $20 at Goodwill and I think my money was well spent.  Now I need to find another location to raid!

Do you know of any good places to find pretty glass bottles?!?! Re-used preferable but I know Pier1 used to have a ton.


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