Coconut Aminos

Do you like soy sauce?  Do you not like how much sodium is in it and are looking for a delicious alternative?

Try Coconut Aminos!


I found out about this stuff at a raw dinner Nick and I attended and I thought I would give it a try.  It is just coconut sap with added sea salt.  It costs about $5 for a bottle which I believe is more than regular soy sauce but I think your blood pressure will thank you.


I used the coconut aminos in a lovely lentil wheatberry bowl with summer squash and zucchini.


I also mixed in some carrots, onions, basil and parsley.


The verdict?  Delicious!  I loved how the squash absorbed the flavor and I didn’t feel like I was eating a salt block as I do with soy sauce.

A final wedding note – I was very giddy to find this milk bottle yesterday!


(For those who don’t know N’s last name is Warner!)


One Comment on “Coconut Aminos”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    wow…cool milk bottle! I can understand why you are giddy!

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