Stamp Out Loud!

Whew this weekend was kind of crazy.  Always moving but we got the wedding invites stamped and addressed!



Mom and I had a little cheese party while we re-visited our stamping skills that we haven’t used since 1998.IMG_1097


Like our bows?  They were on the invite boxes.


Lunch break!

Sissy did her part by keeping us entertained and only stepping on a few envelopes.


Nick didn’t really have anything to do, but he kept us company.


After our little stamping party we made a trip to Lancaster to have dinner at our rehearsal dinner location


The restaurant is keeping with the wedding theme of sustainable happy food from the local area.


We had dinner with Nick, Nick’s mom, Nick’s dad, Nick’s step-dad and my momma beans!

Because it is a place that gets meat from a responsible place and the animals live happy lives I took advantage and ordered some meat!IMG_1100

Waaaay too much steak on top of some lovely greens.  My only complaint about the restaurant is the portion sizes were a little large for a sustainable restaurant.  I guess they want you to have leftovers?  They only serve local beer, which Nick was really excited about and they even have local wines (not sure if they are good are not).


Less than 3 months to go!!!!!

Crunch time and the rocks are here!


One Comment on “Stamp Out Loud!”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    lily i had so much fun being creative with you again it has been too long great to be a part of rehearsal dinner test and to see Rockford lit up with wedding festivities and imagine our fun time on the 24th love moma beans

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