Beet It!

I have my wedding dress in my possession!!!!  I picked her (she needs a name!) up from the tailor this afternoon after a bit of a snafu – the first time I went to pick it up there was a snag and a spot.  I don’t know if they happened at the tailor/j.crew factory or in my home but they fixed and cleaned it for no extra cost.  I now do not want to open the bag until my wedding because I am worried I will do something stupid and snag it again!  Nick’s tie is on the way and I just have a few more décor issues to work out…plus about 10000000 more other little things that need to get done!

At least the weather is really nice and I was able to take a great walk on the rail trail before heading home for a delicious dinner!

Inspired by Jenna’s  quinoa and beet salad.


Delicious farmers market beets, goat cheese, lentils (cooked previously!), parsley, lettuce, S&P.IMG_1117

The creamy goat cheese and the mild beets were a great combination with the meaty lentils.


Eat your beets!  They make your pee red – at least I hear that is true!IMG_1116

Super happy that tomorrow is Friday but not so happy that the weather is going to get hot and humid like typical Maryland.  At least it will be a 3 day weekend!

Got any good plans?!?!


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