The weekend is almost over yet again, Nick is back on the bus, and I and trying to soak up the last few relaxing moments before I head to a goodbye party.

This weekend Nick and I went to a cookout at his mom’s house she she gave us a ton of tomatoes and lots of wedding gifts! ( we are having our registry gifts sent to her home because of apartment safety)

For lunch today I combined both the tomatoes and a present!


Roasted tomatoes!  The toaster over I had before was bought 5 years ago and was the cheapest one I could find in Target when I moved to Boston for grad school and it had seen better days.

This baby is amazing!  It can broil, toast, bake and convection oven cook.  I am so excited to heat this puppy up instead of my giant oven.  Such an energy saver!

Back to the tomatoes…IMG_1199

Stuffed with quinoa, basil, parm, summer squash, salt and pepper.IMG_1198

I ate the extra stuffing while I was waiting for them to cook and cut right into the baby hot out of the oven!

I still have a lot of tomatoes left.  What is your favorite tomato recipe???

On another note about the amazing gift we have already received, it really nice to finally have matching towels that were not hand-me-downs (not that I didn’t appreciate them!  They will become guest towels or be donated to BARCS) It is also nice to have more than one set of sheets and that are not polka-dot and from Target’s bed in a bag.  We are finally growing up! 

p.s. I still love my polka-dots sheets.


Stuffed Zucchini

So I went a little nuts at the Farmer’s Market yesterday and got a lot of produce but in fact not enough lettuce…anyway I thought I would post another farmers market recipe!  I didn’t realize how good this was going to be until I ate it so I do not have a picture of the Cinderella eggplant before it was cooked but they are softball size and light purple with white instead of a deep purple.IMG_1191

To start I hallowed her out and cooked up 1/2 and onion and the guts in some olive oil.  Once that had cooked for about 10min I added two zucchini fritter failures to the pan (you could just use shredded carrots and zucchini instead) and 1/2 cup of cooked quinoa.IMG_1192

Now those ingredients are all fine and dandy but you add some curry powder and bam!  Eggplant and curry are amazing together.  The only thing that would have mad this better would have been some cilantro.  I cheated with parsley to make it look better.IMG_1193

I scooped out some of the stuffing with some Food Should Taste Good blue corn chips!IMG_1194

And this is what happens to my water while I am taking pictures of my food!IMG_1195

Bad Sissy Monster!  I drank it anyway Winking smile

Time to go finish off the leftover stuffing!

Focus on Zucchini

Time to another addition of Farmer’s Market Tuesday!

Today we have ZUCCHINI!!!IMG_1183

4 different varieties of zuc.  Farmers tend to get over run by summer squash so you can usually get a good price for it.  I got all of these plus another round light green guy for $4.  So although I do love me some zucchini bread I needed something savory for dinner.

Enter baked zucchini fritters!IMG_1189

I started by shredding the squash, 1/2 an onion and 2 carrots in the food processor.


Then I added the dry ingredients: whole wheat flour, flax, salt, garlic powder, lemon pepper and some lemon juice.IMG_1186

I made this bowl into 10 patties and baked 40min – 20min a side.  The flavor was a bit off but I can work on that!IMG_1190

Served up with a little ricotta blob.

Along with my fritters I also made a huge farmers market salad!  I loooove summer salads!IMG_1188

Head lettuce, hierloom tomatoes, cucumber, and avocado (not from FM).


I also made a homemade dressing of EVOO, red wine vinegar, basil, parsley and S&P.

I think the salad actually stole the show but the fritters were a nice chance of pace from my usual zucchini stir fries and I am thinking about turning the leftovers into a hash for dinner tomorrow!

Figgy Toast

Hello, Hello!  Just popping in to tell you about a delicious dinner treat I had tonight!  Last fall I had kind of an obsession with ricotta chese, honey, almonds on toast.  Funny enough in that post I talked about how important running is to me – I have not run comfortably since the relay marathon last October.  Sad.  I have been getting good at the cross training machines, swimming an yoga though!

Anyway, back to the food!

I was reliving the delicious toast and thought about how I could make it any better.

Add figs!


I love figs!  So delicious – english muffin, ricotta, pecans (only nut I had), figs and my mom’s friend’s honey!

Next time I think I will go back to toast instead of the very flavorful Ezekiel muffin, but I do believe my obsession has returned and I am thinking of adding some caramelized onions to it next time!  Figs + caramelized onions = amazing flavors.IMG_1182

How do you like to eat your figs?  Do you even like figs?  I also love them with goat cheese..mmmmm.

Simple Wedding : Little Detail

Today is a very exciting day for the wedding because the invites went out!!!!!

One special thing about of invites, besides the special RSVP, is the stamp!  I know most people get the wedding cake or rings but we went for something that connect to the wedding and an important cause to us!IMG_1180

Everyone gets to have a lovely face of a rescue animal greet them in their mailbox.  I may or may not have given people who hate cats, cat stamps Winking smile  I definitely gave one to our old roommate who hates cats but delt with the Sissy Monster.IMG_0936

Or crazy Sissy Monster is a rescue cat and we will be giving our wedding favor donation to BARCS where we found her.  Our lives are better because of her and we could not image not having her furry face around.  There are so many animals in shelters, please consider adoption first!

Yay! Invites are out!!!!

Farmers Market Tuesday : Okra

WeIl it is Tuesday and that means I got to venture to the farmers market today!!!  I almost missed it again but this time it was because of some violent thunderstorms and not a flat tire.  Like most of the country we are having a serious heat wave and my AC seems to be constantly running, so why did I even think about turning on the oven tonight???  Because I got my first okra of the season at the farmers market!!!!


My fruit guys also grow veggies and they always have multiple varieties of okra.  Did you know there were different species?  I love how pretty these purple ones are and even some of them were bi-colored.IMG_1175

So what does one do with okra?

Make okra fries of course!!!


Roasted in the oven for 20min at 375 and coated in olive oil, salt, garlic powder and chili powder.  Note to self – chili powder can burn in the oven and your smoke alarm will go off.IMG_1179

Eat them down to the stem and don’t forget the ketchup!


What do you do with your okra?

Stay cool out there!

First Wedding Party!

This past weekend I got to see some of my favorite people and be home!


My mom had a little celebration in CT for Nick and I and even Katherine (my MOH) came down from Boston!


We celebrated with Manhattans on the rocks and I learned that there are many different versions but you can’t forget the cherry (unless you are Katherine Winking smile)!


We had tons of food and I thought we wouldn’t have enough, Ha!


Cotswold, goat, Mahoan, blue cheese and Citrus shrimp.


Lots of my world famous guacamole with two jalapenos from the garden!


Andy was the grill master and chilled out with his Coke.


Dean and Jonathan cracked jokes and the ladies chatted on the couches.IMG_1169

Dinner consisted of a bunch of salads and 3 types of grilled kabobs.  Three bean salad, lemon orzo salad, corn salad and a green salad with apples, grapes, cranberries and pistachios.


bobs from Whole Foods!

I didn’t get a picture of the dessert but we had CT peaches coated in heated honey with cracked black pepper and vanilla ice cream.

It was a great night with great people and I am so glad I got to see everyone from my CT family.  A special thank you to Lauren and Lynn for their special wedding gifts and Dean and Jonathan for the flowers and wine!

I can’t wait until August for more fun!!