Raw Chard Is Just Not Happening

Welcome to another addition of Farmer’s Market Tuesday!

Today at the market I picked up the last pint of cherries for the season Sad smile, blueberries, peaches, summer squash, cucumber, mixed greens and swiss chard.

Tonight’s dinner focused on swiss chard but also involved cucumbers and summer squash.


I’ve made swiss chard roll ups before but they were too wet so this time I used tomato paste instead of tomato sauce.  The filling was brown rice, curry tofu from Twin Oaks Farm, summer squash, onion and tomato paste.IMG_1132

I rolled the chard leaves and sunk my teeth into them.  Unfortunately I cannot really handle the flavor of raw chard and had to dump out the filling to eat separately from the leaves.   I need to keep my chard steamed with red wine vinegar.  At least the filling was delicious and I poured it on top of my salad greens and cucumbers.IMG_1133

  Now it’s time to enjoy some berries and cherries for dessert!


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