Gettin’ Crafty

As I have been going along planning our wedding I have been try to focus on décor that can be reused/recycled and be inexpensive.  One option that I have been playing around with in my head is bunting.


It can be made with paper or cloth and sewer or strung.  I like that there are so many options and ideas to play with for such a basic idea.

Today I finally got my craft on and starting making some bunting for the wedding!IMG_1157

I started with ivory cardstock and scrapbooking paper, which became triangles after many measurements.IMG_1160

I loved all of the patterns available in the scrapbook section so I picked a few that would go with the red/orange vibe of the wedding.


I was going to string the flags so I opted for a leaf hole punch instead of a typical circle to give it a little more subtle pizzazz!


I have 9x more of the full garland above to cover the area needing to be decorated and I think I calculated it correctly! (The one above takes up an entire wall in our spare aka wedding room)IMG_1158

One of the best things about doing this bunting myself was saving some major $$$.  The cheapest sub I could find pre-made was $120 and this is how mine broke down:

  • 200ft Juite twine – $6.99 (smallest spool they had)
  • 10 sheets scrapbooking paper – $5
  • Leaf punch – $3.99
  • Cardstock 50 sheets – $19.99 (this also will be used for cardstock in other aspects of the wedding)
  • Total ~ $36

Now the question is do I put barn stamps on the ivory flags?!??!!


One Comment on “Gettin’ Crafty”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    I think these are great! More personalized than what you could have bought. You are so talented! I am inclined toward yes to barn stamp, leaves and starbursts!

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