First Wedding Party!

This past weekend I got to see some of my favorite people and be home!


My mom had a little celebration in CT for Nick and I and even Katherine (my MOH) came down from Boston!


We celebrated with Manhattans on the rocks and I learned that there are many different versions but you can’t forget the cherry (unless you are Katherine Winking smile)!


We had tons of food and I thought we wouldn’t have enough, Ha!


Cotswold, goat, Mahoan, blue cheese and Citrus shrimp.


Lots of my world famous guacamole with two jalapenos from the garden!


Andy was the grill master and chilled out with his Coke.


Dean and Jonathan cracked jokes and the ladies chatted on the couches.IMG_1169

Dinner consisted of a bunch of salads and 3 types of grilled kabobs.  Three bean salad, lemon orzo salad, corn salad and a green salad with apples, grapes, cranberries and pistachios.


bobs from Whole Foods!

I didn’t get a picture of the dessert but we had CT peaches coated in heated honey with cracked black pepper and vanilla ice cream.

It was a great night with great people and I am so glad I got to see everyone from my CT family.  A special thank you to Lauren and Lynn for their special wedding gifts and Dean and Jonathan for the flowers and wine!

I can’t wait until August for more fun!!


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