Farmers Market Tuesday : Okra

WeIl it is Tuesday and that means I got to venture to the farmers market today!!!  I almost missed it again but this time it was because of some violent thunderstorms and not a flat tire.  Like most of the country we are having a serious heat wave and my AC seems to be constantly running, so why did I even think about turning on the oven tonight???  Because I got my first okra of the season at the farmers market!!!!


My fruit guys also grow veggies and they always have multiple varieties of okra.  Did you know there were different species?  I love how pretty these purple ones are and even some of them were bi-colored.IMG_1175

So what does one do with okra?

Make okra fries of course!!!


Roasted in the oven for 20min at 375 and coated in olive oil, salt, garlic powder and chili powder.  Note to self – chili powder can burn in the oven and your smoke alarm will go off.IMG_1179

Eat them down to the stem and don’t forget the ketchup!


What do you do with your okra?

Stay cool out there!


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