Figgy Toast

Hello, Hello!  Just popping in to tell you about a delicious dinner treat I had tonight!  Last fall I had kind of an obsession with ricotta chese, honey, almonds on toast.  Funny enough in that post I talked about how important running is to me – I have not run comfortably since the relay marathon last October.  Sad.  I have been getting good at the cross training machines, swimming an yoga though!

Anyway, back to the food!

I was reliving the delicious toast and thought about how I could make it any better.

Add figs!


I love figs!  So delicious – english muffin, ricotta, pecans (only nut I had), figs and my mom’s friend’s honey!

Next time I think I will go back to toast instead of the very flavorful Ezekiel muffin, but I do believe my obsession has returned and I am thinking of adding some caramelized onions to it next time!  Figs + caramelized onions = amazing flavors.IMG_1182

How do you like to eat your figs?  Do you even like figs?  I also love them with goat cheese..mmmmm.


3 Comments on “Figgy Toast”

  1. rugge says:

    That looks amazing! I loooooove figs!

  2. Moma Beans says:

    I love figs….had them with goat cheese tonight. i also love them with prosciutto – very Italian! Bene!

  3. Jenny says:

    I LOVE figs!! I eat them plain, with goat cheese and with peanut butter!

    That dinner looks sooo good!

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