Focus on Zucchini

Time to another addition of Farmer’s Market Tuesday!

Today we have ZUCCHINI!!!IMG_1183

4 different varieties of zuc.  Farmers tend to get over run by summer squash so you can usually get a good price for it.  I got all of these plus another round light green guy for $4.  So although I do love me some zucchini bread I needed something savory for dinner.

Enter baked zucchini fritters!IMG_1189

I started by shredding the squash, 1/2 an onion and 2 carrots in the food processor.


Then I added the dry ingredients: whole wheat flour, flax, salt, garlic powder, lemon pepper and some lemon juice.IMG_1186

I made this bowl into 10 patties and baked 40min – 20min a side.  The flavor was a bit off but I can work on that!IMG_1190

Served up with a little ricotta blob.

Along with my fritters I also made a huge farmers market salad!  I loooove summer salads!IMG_1188

Head lettuce, hierloom tomatoes, cucumber, and avocado (not from FM).


I also made a homemade dressing of EVOO, red wine vinegar, basil, parsley and S&P.

I think the salad actually stole the show but the fritters were a nice chance of pace from my usual zucchini stir fries and I am thinking about turning the leftovers into a hash for dinner tomorrow!


One Comment on “Focus on Zucchini”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    I am so impressed that you are able to apply all the creative energy you do at the end of the day….especially since you are only cooking for yourself!!! love, Moma Beans

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