Stuffed Zucchini

So I went a little nuts at the Farmer’s Market yesterday and got a lot of produce but in fact not enough lettuce…anyway I thought I would post another farmers market recipe!  I didn’t realize how good this was going to be until I ate it so I do not have a picture of the Cinderella eggplant before it was cooked but they are softball size and light purple with white instead of a deep purple.IMG_1191

To start I hallowed her out and cooked up 1/2 and onion and the guts in some olive oil.  Once that had cooked for about 10min I added two zucchini fritter failures to the pan (you could just use shredded carrots and zucchini instead) and 1/2 cup of cooked quinoa.IMG_1192

Now those ingredients are all fine and dandy but you add some curry powder and bam!  Eggplant and curry are amazing together.  The only thing that would have mad this better would have been some cilantro.  I cheated with parsley to make it look better.IMG_1193

I scooped out some of the stuffing with some Food Should Taste Good blue corn chips!IMG_1194

And this is what happens to my water while I am taking pictures of my food!IMG_1195

Bad Sissy Monster!  I drank it anyway Winking smile

Time to go finish off the leftover stuffing!


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