The weekend is almost over yet again, Nick is back on the bus, and I and trying to soak up the last few relaxing moments before I head to a goodbye party.

This weekend Nick and I went to a cookout at his mom’s house she she gave us a ton of tomatoes and lots of wedding gifts! ( we are having our registry gifts sent to her home because of apartment safety)

For lunch today I combined both the tomatoes and a present!


Roasted tomatoes!  The toaster over I had before was bought 5 years ago and was the cheapest one I could find in Target when I moved to Boston for grad school and it had seen better days.

This baby is amazing!  It can broil, toast, bake and convection oven cook.  I am so excited to heat this puppy up instead of my giant oven.  Such an energy saver!

Back to the tomatoes…IMG_1199

Stuffed with quinoa, basil, parm, summer squash, salt and pepper.IMG_1198

I ate the extra stuffing while I was waiting for them to cook and cut right into the baby hot out of the oven!

I still have a lot of tomatoes left.  What is your favorite tomato recipe???

On another note about the amazing gift we have already received, it really nice to finally have matching towels that were not hand-me-downs (not that I didn’t appreciate them!  They will become guest towels or be donated to BARCS) It is also nice to have more than one set of sheets and that are not polka-dot and from Target’s bed in a bag.  We are finally growing up! 

p.s. I still love my polka-dots sheets.


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