Things Other Than Food

The Farmer’s Market is a place to find more than just veggies.  I also get meat, eggs, scones and today I happened to pick up some flowers for my Farmer’s Market Tuesday post.


Nick and I dined outside with my zinnias in one of the glass bottles I have picked up for the wedding.  Now, I usually do not buy flowers or plant them because I think you should get something out of things you buy or plant.  My mother would disagree with my on this point saying that they bring you beauty and happiness.  I told her she could be my gardener.IMG_1252

These flower; however, are special because they are from a farm that is run based on horticulture physical therapy.  The growing of these flowers has another purpose than to be gorgeous!  Plus they are only 50 cents each.


Almost wedding color!


Place Cards

Well Irene is over, the windows are open and I am trying to work on some wedding DIY stuff while Nick is at his third fantasy football draft of the weekend.

I spent a couple hours working on the bunting while watching Bride Wars (totally not my types of wedding, but it seemed to fit the theme) and then I moved onto testing out our place cards.


Place cards are something I did not want to spend a lot of money on so I picked up two packs of black boarder cards at Michaels for $4.99 each and tested out some ideas today.  I like the font because it looks like how George Washington would have written, which fits the barn and the time period in which the planation was built.  I also wanted to use one of of our stamps from the invitations and went with the bucket, split between two names.IMG_1248

When you bring the couples together you get a whole bucket!


Now, I didn’t plan it out to be like that.  Do you think it is supper cheesy or kind of a cute idea?  Single people coming to the wedding will still get buckets too!

Sissy helped out a lot…


Bridal Shower

Last Saturday I had my bridal shower.  At first I was totally against it because I hate being the center of attention and a lot of people coming to my wedding live very far away and could not attend.  I did however have some very special people there!


Katie (BM and Nick’s sister), me and my MOH Katherine.  We missed you Rugge!


Momma Beans and IIMG_8557

Joanne (FMIL) and her beautiful table display.  Lovely farmers market flowers!  Fingers crossed they will be as nice in September!!!


Katherine, Katie and Joanne did a great job getting all of the food together, even with a 5 hour flight delay.


Tulle makes a great headpiece.IMG_8564

Lots of boxes!IMG_8567

Cake cutting – yes my hair was a mess because I got hot opening presents and had to put it up.IMG_8568

The cake was designed after our mailbox and had N+H “carved” on the branch.  Red velvet cake, indeed.IMG_8571

One special who I hadn’t seen in a year was my pledge buddy from my sorority in college!


Ms. Lindsay Bothe! She drove 5 hours through tons of traffic just to be here.  No one had easy travels last weekend, but lets hope all of that is out of our wedding karma system.

Thank you everyone who came to my shower, traveled many miles and made it such a special day.  A special thank you to my FMIL, Katherine, Katie, and my mom for putting this whole thing together!

p.s. I cannot wait to cut my hair!  Gross and long.

One H Double Hockey Stick of a Day

So unless you have been living under a rock for the past 12hours you know by now that there was an earthquake on the east coast.  Our building shook, I hid under my plywood desk, and we evacuated the building.  I know people in Japan and on the west coast experience things like this all of the time, but in Maryland we do not expect it and it definitely rattled me. 

I had a pretty crappy morning by getting yet ANOTHER flat tire in two months but this event made me realize that all of the stress with my car recently and the wedding planning is small potatoes vs. the people I have in my life.  Just this past weekend I celebrated my bridal shower with some of the most important people in my life and  I am grateful to have them.IMG_8556

Recap coming soon!

First we have a farmers market Tuesday post!

Todays food is…..Pablano Peppers!IMG_1239

I usually stuff these suckers but because I was running super late getting a new tire I just chopped them up and added to tacos.


They are pretty spicy – not as hot as jalapenos though – and have a green pepper taste.  Definitely delicious stuffed with polenta, quinoa, Mexican rice – nothing spicy though!


Tacos are also a great choice with onion, patty pan squash, yellow tomatoes, pour and poke egg a-la-Kelsey and yellow tomatoes (uncooked).IMG_1240

What do you do with your pablanos?  Did you feel the earthquake?  I am just thankful the Lake Anna Nuclear Plant is ok and all of my friends in VA are safe.

Mushroom Trail

Recently I have been heading out to the trail a hike instead of going to the gym.  The weather has been relatively cool for August and I just cannot head into the gym.


Recently we have had a ton of rain and during my hike today I saw a ton of mushrooms.  They were so cool and I wanted to share some of them.  I hope you enjoy!










I am such a nature lover!  I cannot wait to hike in West Virginia for our minimoon!!!

Lemon Cucumber

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means!  Farmers Market Tuesday!

Today we have lemon cucumber!


These little guys are called “lemons” because of their size and color not their flavor.  The have a mild flavor and thin skins that are easier to digest than their regular cucumber relatives.IMG_1217

I usually use them in salads the same way I would a regular cucumber but it is just nice to switch it up from the regular green guys.IMG_1218

Another difference is the seed structure.  Here we have 5 wells instead of one solid seed bore.

They still make you burp!

What is your favorite way to eat a cucumber?  Have you tried lemon cucumbers???

Wedding Invites

So sorry I missed farmer’s market Tuesday yesterday!!!  I actually do not have much to report except this cute little sugar ‘loupe that I got for Nick.IMG_1209

I like cantaloupe but it is not my favorite.  Nick loves it and he can eat this little softball size melon in one sitting and I am not eating the leftovers.  Perfect!

Something else I wanted to share, our invitations!


I wanted our wedding invitations to be simple and not expensive.  I also wanted to do an online or call in RSVP to save money and the environment!  This was actually a save the date card that we made into an invite.  My mom and I stamped all of the invites with the barn before stuffing.


I got the stamp from Etsy and the designer told me it was made after her parents barn that had been torn down many years ago.  Looove stories!

After the barn we need to do the envelope.


My mom really liked the idea of lined envelopes but they are crazy expensive and we already had the stamps because of our old stamping hobby.


The bucket is set to pour out the stars and leaves to give it a fall touch without being too much.  I like them a lot and we were able to put the money saved towards more important things like FOOD! Our tasting in on Monday and I am so excited!