Pizza and Pickles

Welcome to another addition of Farmer’s Market Tuesday!  By this time in the summer the markets are overflowing with tons of fresh and delicious produce I just cannot decided on what to focus on today!  Instead I am going to highlight two recipes I made using some of my farm fresh produce!

First up, pickled peppers and regular ones too!


I used Ashley’s recipe for basic pickles and stuck some banana peppers (they are 100x better pickled than fresh), jalapenos and regular pickling cucs from the FM.  Both peppers are from my garden and these are so delicious!  Spicy and sour – oh so good.  I also made 3 other recipes tonight so we shall see how those come out.

Second, pizza!IMG_1202

I used my new pizza crisper tray from Jonathan for out wedding and Jenna’s pizza crust recipe.  My pizza was a littler different because I wanted to get some protein in there.  I cooked some white beans from scratch and made garlic basil hummus to use as a “sauce” instead of regular red sauce.


Topped with tomatoes, mushrooms, orange peppers.


Love warm and sweet tomatoes.

Along with I had a green and orange salad.


This dough was really good and the pizza crisper actually cooked the crust in the middle unlike the usual sheet pan I used to use.  I’m glad I made the big recipe and saved some in the fridge!

Who wants to come over for pizza and pickles??


One Comment on “Pizza and Pickles”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    just pickles for me pizza looks yummy though if only i could eat fresh tomatoes!

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