Wedding Invites

So sorry I missed farmer’s market Tuesday yesterday!!!  I actually do not have much to report except this cute little sugar ‘loupe that I got for Nick.IMG_1209

I like cantaloupe but it is not my favorite.  Nick loves it and he can eat this little softball size melon in one sitting and I am not eating the leftovers.  Perfect!

Something else I wanted to share, our invitations!


I wanted our wedding invitations to be simple and not expensive.  I also wanted to do an online or call in RSVP to save money and the environment!  This was actually a save the date card that we made into an invite.  My mom and I stamped all of the invites with the barn before stuffing.


I got the stamp from Etsy and the designer told me it was made after her parents barn that had been torn down many years ago.  Looove stories!

After the barn we need to do the envelope.


My mom really liked the idea of lined envelopes but they are crazy expensive and we already had the stamps because of our old stamping hobby.


The bucket is set to pour out the stars and leaves to give it a fall touch without being too much.  I like them a lot and we were able to put the money saved towards more important things like FOOD! Our tasting in on Monday and I am so excited!


One Comment on “Wedding Invites”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    i did miss Farmer’s market Tuesday read. had so much fun stamping with you and LOVE the barn stamp love you, Moma Beans

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