One H Double Hockey Stick of a Day

So unless you have been living under a rock for the past 12hours you know by now that there was an earthquake on the east coast.  Our building shook, I hid under my plywood desk, and we evacuated the building.  I know people in Japan and on the west coast experience things like this all of the time, but in Maryland we do not expect it and it definitely rattled me. 

I had a pretty crappy morning by getting yet ANOTHER flat tire in two months but this event made me realize that all of the stress with my car recently and the wedding planning is small potatoes vs. the people I have in my life.  Just this past weekend I celebrated my bridal shower with some of the most important people in my life and  I am grateful to have them.IMG_8556

Recap coming soon!

First we have a farmers market Tuesday post!

Todays food is…..Pablano Peppers!IMG_1239

I usually stuff these suckers but because I was running super late getting a new tire I just chopped them up and added to tacos.


They are pretty spicy – not as hot as jalapenos though – and have a green pepper taste.  Definitely delicious stuffed with polenta, quinoa, Mexican rice – nothing spicy though!


Tacos are also a great choice with onion, patty pan squash, yellow tomatoes, pour and poke egg a-la-Kelsey and yellow tomatoes (uncooked).IMG_1240

What do you do with your pablanos?  Did you feel the earthquake?  I am just thankful the Lake Anna Nuclear Plant is ok and all of my friends in VA are safe.


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