Place Cards

Well Irene is over, the windows are open and I am trying to work on some wedding DIY stuff while Nick is at his third fantasy football draft of the weekend.

I spent a couple hours working on the bunting while watching Bride Wars (totally not my types of wedding, but it seemed to fit the theme) and then I moved onto testing out our place cards.


Place cards are something I did not want to spend a lot of money on so I picked up two packs of black boarder cards at Michaels for $4.99 each and tested out some ideas today.  I like the font because it looks like how George Washington would have written, which fits the barn and the time period in which the planation was built.  I also wanted to use one of of our stamps from the invitations and went with the bucket, split between two names.IMG_1248

When you bring the couples together you get a whole bucket!


Now, I didn’t plan it out to be like that.  Do you think it is supper cheesy or kind of a cute idea?  Single people coming to the wedding will still get buckets too!

Sissy helped out a lot…



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