Things Other Than Food

The Farmer’s Market is a place to find more than just veggies.  I also get meat, eggs, scones and today I happened to pick up some flowers for my Farmer’s Market Tuesday post.


Nick and I dined outside with my zinnias in one of the glass bottles I have picked up for the wedding.  Now, I usually do not buy flowers or plant them because I think you should get something out of things you buy or plant.  My mother would disagree with my on this point saying that they bring you beauty and happiness.  I told her she could be my gardener.IMG_1252

These flower; however, are special because they are from a farm that is run based on horticulture physical therapy.  The growing of these flowers has another purpose than to be gorgeous!  Plus they are only 50 cents each.


Almost wedding color!


One Comment on “Things Other Than Food”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Love zinnias….I had them at our house in West Hartford until the end of October one year…so maybe…and the wedding color one – wow…yes, I will be your gardener…Love you, Moma beans

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