We are back and married!

You can check out our teaser photos at

What I can show you is the minimoon in WV!!!


We rented a cabin in Lost River, West Virginia.  Thankfully we stopped in MD for groceries otherwise we would have starved.  Everything in Lost River is closed from Monday – Thursday.  It was kind of a bummer not to be able to get a genuine WV souvenir, but we still got pictures!IMG_1304

Our lovely porch that we spent a lot of time on.



We did not have TV but we did have internet – Nick would have been lost for fantasy football without it.  Nice office view.


First meal!  Eggplant, cauliflower, onion, homemade garlic toast in a fiery pasta sauce.  We made really simple meals while we were there because ingredients were limited.


Morning views looked like this from our loft.IMG_1308


Favorite spot.

Nature friends.







Our best hike!  Half way up Nick left a note in the shelter’s notebook.









We were surrounded by farms (some of them factory farms…boo) and mountainsIMG_1330


Up and up the gravel mountain – do not try this in a 2 wheel drive car.IMG_1329

I even made a fire!


We will always remember 695 Toms Knob Approach!



Work Wedding Shower

Today was another special day in my wedding world!  My coworkers (especially Elaine and Debbie) put together a really thoughtful shower for me.


They tied in the bunting that we are having at the wedding, all of the baked goods were homemade with all real ingredients including organic pumpkin and zucchini!


I sampled everything!  Pumpkin coffee bar with chocolate chips, zucchini ginger bread with hazelnuts, apple blackberry cobbler, angel cake and fruit salad.


Elaine even made signs so people would recycle but it didn’t really happen Sad smile  Thanks for trying!

The entire event was very special, no spotlight and just hanging out with lots of interesting advice.

Thank you ladies!IMG_1292

Yes, were were mocking the skinny arm here!

Peachy Keen

I am going to make this addition of Farmers Market Tuesday short because I have been up since 4:45AM and to Lancaster and back.  I know lasts week’s was short but we are in wedding crunch time and things are cray cray in crunch time.

If you have not enjoyed a summer peach or stone fruit, get on it.  They are leaving soon and it is sad.  The week of rain we just had killed a lot of the tomatoes too, so get on those too.


One peach and one nectarine.  Fuzz vs. no fuzz.


Which one do you like better?  I have to say I am leaning towards the nectarine.  I remember as a kid I liked them better too but nothing beats a fresh local peach.IMG_1283

Nectarine = winner!!!

Besides hitting up the farmers market, I checked on our growing wedding flowers, had my final walk through at Rock Ford (which got me flusters because there were so many details coming at me fast…), 2+ hour in the car annnnnd my final hair cut and color!


I also threw in a 6:30AM yoga class just because I was already awake so why not?

Final sprit woot woot!!

What Is It?

Just stopping in for a quick Farmer’s Market Tuesday!

Can you guess what this is?


It is a bit spicyIMG_1276

It is used in a lot of Asian dishes and has great medicinal properties such as a digestive aid.


It is fresh ginger!!!  I had never seen this stuff before so I had to grab some.  I didn’t have time to make anything super special with it so I just grated a little bit over my soup last night.  It has an amazing fresh taste to it and is not as concentrated as its brown scabbed over ginger cousin.

17 days until the wedding, yikes!  Final walk through today!IMG_1279

My Day Off

5:30 – Sissy starts to attack and want food


5:30 – 7:00 – Battle Sissy for sleep as she paws at my face.


7:00 – get up make coffee and breakfast, watch Today show!IMG_1255

(Half of breakfast – english muffin, almond butter, raspberry jam, chia seeds, banana)

8:00AM – Call Rock Ford coordinator to make sure she is going to be able to meet me and the wedding coordinator.

9:00 – Off to yoga


9:30 – 11:00 – get my butt kicked at yoga and love it

11:30 – Trader Joe’s run for almond butter because whole foods doubled the price of their’s!?!?!

12:00 – Starving but must shower before eating

12:30 – make the quickest lunch possibleIMG_1262

Taco salad with lentils, salsa, tomatoes, lettuce and pablano pepper.  Peach. Un-pictured handful of granola

1:00 – Roll out to the bank and Whole Foods and buy too many things like a cranberry orange scone that was not orangey enough and disappointing.

2:00 – Get annoying mail from out management company and have to make some phone calls

2:30pm – Call wedding B&B and make final payment.

3:00pm – Still shaking from yoga start working on bunting for wedding.


5:00pm – finally have all of my triangles cut out and holes punched.

5:30pm – Start reading through new cookbooks and get inspired for dinner with this one.


Frittata with farm eggs!IMG_1270

6:30pm – Dinner, Personal sized – green beans, mushrooms, two eggs, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, salt and pepper


Topped with parsley and fresh parm cheese.  Oh, and kale chips!IMG_1269

7:15pm – Do some laundry, straighten up, wait for Nick’s delayed bus to get to Baltimore!IMG_1266

Flashback May 2004! 22 days!!!!!