My Day Off

5:30 – Sissy starts to attack and want food


5:30 – 7:00 – Battle Sissy for sleep as she paws at my face.


7:00 – get up make coffee and breakfast, watch Today show!IMG_1255

(Half of breakfast – english muffin, almond butter, raspberry jam, chia seeds, banana)

8:00AM – Call Rock Ford coordinator to make sure she is going to be able to meet me and the wedding coordinator.

9:00 – Off to yoga


9:30 – 11:00 – get my butt kicked at yoga and love it

11:30 – Trader Joe’s run for almond butter because whole foods doubled the price of their’s!?!?!

12:00 – Starving but must shower before eating

12:30 – make the quickest lunch possibleIMG_1262

Taco salad with lentils, salsa, tomatoes, lettuce and pablano pepper.  Peach. Un-pictured handful of granola

1:00 – Roll out to the bank and Whole Foods and buy too many things like a cranberry orange scone that was not orangey enough and disappointing.

2:00 – Get annoying mail from out management company and have to make some phone calls

2:30pm – Call wedding B&B and make final payment.

3:00pm – Still shaking from yoga start working on bunting for wedding.


5:00pm – finally have all of my triangles cut out and holes punched.

5:30pm – Start reading through new cookbooks and get inspired for dinner with this one.


Frittata with farm eggs!IMG_1270

6:30pm – Dinner, Personal sized – green beans, mushrooms, two eggs, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, salt and pepper


Topped with parsley and fresh parm cheese.  Oh, and kale chips!IMG_1269

7:15pm – Do some laundry, straighten up, wait for Nick’s delayed bus to get to Baltimore!IMG_1266

Flashback May 2004! 22 days!!!!!


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