Peachy Keen

I am going to make this addition of Farmers Market Tuesday short because I have been up since 4:45AM and to Lancaster and back.  I know lasts week’s was short but we are in wedding crunch time and things are cray cray in crunch time.

If you have not enjoyed a summer peach or stone fruit, get on it.  They are leaving soon and it is sad.  The week of rain we just had killed a lot of the tomatoes too, so get on those too.


One peach and one nectarine.  Fuzz vs. no fuzz.


Which one do you like better?  I have to say I am leaning towards the nectarine.  I remember as a kid I liked them better too but nothing beats a fresh local peach.IMG_1283

Nectarine = winner!!!

Besides hitting up the farmers market, I checked on our growing wedding flowers, had my final walk through at Rock Ford (which got me flusters because there were so many details coming at me fast…), 2+ hour in the car annnnnd my final hair cut and color!


I also threw in a 6:30AM yoga class just because I was already awake so why not?

Final sprit woot woot!!

One Comment on “Peachy Keen”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Hair looks gorgeous! Love fresh color. I am sticking with Peaches! Guess because my farmer’s are better than the nectarines. I will miss them…yum, yum.

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