Over the past few years I have been developing my style and discovering exactly what I like in design and lifestyle.  You might be able tell from my wedding and minimoon locations that I am going rustic and laidback.  By rustic I do not mean country.  There will be no chickens or sunflower boarders in my kitchen but they might be living in my yard Smile  This being said I have finally broken down and bought some things that will be forever pieces in my life and worth a little investment.

Loving right now

#1 My cowboy boots


I have wanted a pair of these for about 5 years and I finally broke down and got myself some Ariats.  I’m not sure why they look like they are two different colors in this picture, but they are exactly the same and super soft and comfy.

#2 Blue glass Ball jars


I actually found these in West Virginia for half the price I have seen them around Maryland so I grabbed two.  I love that no two blue glass Ball jars are the same.  I still don’t really have a place for them but in time I will.  They go nicely with my bottle collection from the wedding.

#3 New (old) red storage cabinet


This is a refurb that I got at a local furniture consignment shop and I love the hard solid wood.  The red portion of the cabinet is done but because I want to use it in the kitchen I need to stain and seal the hardwood top.  I headed over to ACE (shop local!) and got small can of driftwood stain, poly, sandpaper, latex gloves, ventilation masks, and old t-shirt rags.


This was my first time staining since I was a kid and I did not wear protective gear then…the mask isn’t the intense one that blocks everything out but a little is better than nothing!

I started by lightly sanding the entire wood top.


The raw wood grains were really nice and we are going for the rustic look here so I didn’t want a stain that was too dark but would give it a little richness.

Once I wiped her down after sanding I did a coat on the bottom to make sure the color was good, and to perfect my “going with the grain” technique.IMG_1344

You can barely see the stain especially in this picture, but I like how it makes the character of the grain pop between the different pieces of wood.  I only did one coat tonight and I will check it tomorrow to see if I need another one or just apply the poly.  The poly is going to stink – I thought about getting a Eco kind but they do not sell it anywhere near me (which I found weird) and we shall see if I really get this bug before I go investing in some expensive stain/paint coating.  At least I still have my mask!  Maybe I should wear two tomorrow.


2 Comments on “Rustic”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Wow! Cowboy boots…I love mine…they are soooo comfortable…I see you went with a practicle color…not like me, who has turquoise ones I hope you can get yours off better than I can. Remember nights at Tanque Verde with pulling my boots off. Congrats to you on staining…hope you can do it outside. Love, Momabeans

  2. Katherine says:

    Looks great Beans!!!

    And I think you have inspired me to get my own cowboy boots. I love yours!!

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