After seeing Heather post a vendor review for her wedding,  I thought I should do the same while I wait patiently for my pictures.
First up, Wedding Coordinator – let me just say you need a wedding coordinator if your site does not already come with one or you don’t have a family member/friend willing to take on he task.  I wasn’t going to get coordinator at first and then I quickly realized that meant I would be the one laying out the table clothes, setting up the flowers, shuffling guests, managing the caterer, checking on the servers and bartenders etc. on my actually wedding day.  As my mom says, “you can’t put a price on piece of mind”.

Now, let’s meet Jean and Emily aka “Jemily”.
These ladies are a hoot but keep it professional.  They are extremely organized and have been in the planning business for a long time.  They were always dressed to the nines, while I was all frump, but I was planning a wedding!

I hired Jemily for their day of coordination services, met them 6 times before the wedding and I had countless e-mail exchanges.  I was also a little spoiled because they manage all of the rentals for the caterer I had selected, giving me access to more choices when it came to things like linens (I was given access to thousands of linen choices, could have been overwhelming, but I knew what I wanted).  They had countless checklists and helped me focus in on the exact details of how I wanted my wedding to go.  Do you know if you would want the groomsmen to come down the isle alone or with the bridesmaid? Crossed arms or just next to each other?  Little things that don’t really matter in the big picture, but why not have everyone coordinate?


On the day of my wedding I probably missed most of the things Jean was doing to make sure my day was running smoothly.   I had left our centerpieces for her to place on the tables along with table numbers and candles, given her our drink list to create our bar menu, told her about all of our vendors.


When I arrived 2 hours before the ceremony everything was geared up and ready to go.  She made sure the DJ’s music was on time, our officiant was there, the tables looked amazing, the servers were even in coordinating ties of green instead of the boring black.  The entire morning we were getting ready I didn’t worry one bit about what was going on at our barn.  I guess this was sign that Jean had put me at easy, and what would be would be.


After the ceremony Jean made sure all of the decor used in the ceremony space was moved down to the reception space to make sure we got full use out of all of our hard work and dollar.   At the end of the night Jean and her team collected all of items that were my personal belongings and boxed them up so that they would be ready for loading in the morning (It took us about 15min to clear everything out the next morning).


If you are looking for an event coordinator in the Baltimore metro area, I would highly recommend Boutique Events!


One Comment on “Jemily”

  1. Moma Beans says:


    This is a lovely tribute to two wonderful ladies who brought us all peace of mind on your beautiful wedding day. I hope lots of people read about them here…and is there someway this heartfelt recommendation gets posted to their web site? Thank you so much Jean, a pleasure to have you a part of Heather and Nick’s wedding. We could not have done it without you. Moma Beans

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