Fall Finds

This weekend we had some fun fall activities planned!  I started off by visiting my first antique/flea market and we ended with s’more by bonfire.

As it was my first time at a flea market, I was a little overwhelmed.  It was a pretty large market and I didn’t have much time to look around.  I am also not use to paying cash only and haggling.  There was a lot of what I would consider “junk” but there were a few vendors selling the rustic decor that I love.   I think I would have end up with a lot more if I actually had a house to fill because there were some great deals on solid wood furniture, but alas I walked away with two small boxes to help organize my office mess.

The vendor said he found them on his families farm when they were cleaning it out to put the land on the market.  I like that they have writing on them and that the one looks like it held a holiday cheese log back in the day.  I like pieces with stories (actual or ones I make up) and these two definitely tell a story.  For now they will hold my postcard collection and mailing supplies.

IMG_1359After my fun times at the market it was time to head out to the pumpkin patch!  Nick and I had grand plans with our friends Doug and Rory to go pumpkin picking, carve them and drink hot rum cider before the bonfire.  
One of these things did not happen. I blame it on the cider.


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