Cipollini Onions!

Yes!!!!  Our wedding pictures are up!Nick and Heather 1

If you would like to see our pictures you can visit the website of our awesome photographers Matt and Jess, but you are going to need to know our wedding date Winking smile  I need to have some backstops!

Nick and Heather 3

Anyway, back to our regular Tuesday programing of Farmer’s Market Tuesday!

Every week there seems to be one less vendor and my egg lady was gone today Sad smile  She said she would not be leaving until the end so I really hope she comes back!  At least I have Springfield Farms for my winter eggs.

Today I got something new…IMG_1364

Cipollini onions!  I usually stick with the yellow onion but I thought I would branch out a little bit today.


One observation of these onions is they make you cry like no other.  They are also much stronger than my yellow onion, and this could also be due to the fact that they are from the market and have not been sitting on a shelf forever.

After I finished crying I cooked up the little buggers along with some yellow pepper, beans and mushrooms.


I topped it all off with some delicious blue cheese.  I also added a lovely side of acorn squash coated in chili powder.


I can still taste the onion so I am not sure what to do with the other 3 I have…maybe if I caramelize them they won’t taste as strong?

Are you a big onion person?  I didn’t eat onions until a few years ago and now I only eat them cooked.

One for for the books!Nick and Heather 2


2 Comments on “Cipollini Onions!”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Wow! I agree…one for the books for sure….
    the man I met last night got two eggs from his chickens last night – he says that is a lot. He lets his chickens rest in the winter…doesnt add artificial light. I think that is the humane way to treat them. Guess that is why the egg lady is gone. I wonder how this whacky weather affects the chickens, and other animals. Love, Moma Beans

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