Patchwork Catering

I have been slacking with my vendor reviews.  I have written a total of…one.  Now that so many other Baltimore bloggers are engaged I feel like I need to step it up and get the word out!
Our vendor list was split between PA peeps and MD folks, so I am going keep with the MD theme and move onto our caterer.

Food was one of the things I wanted to spend the most time, money and effort on for our wedding.  I am seriously passionate about food and I was not going to serve standard wedding fare at my party.


I found Patchwork Catering through my boss of all people.  She had seen their ad in the Urbanite Magazine (awesome read by the way) and suggested I give them a call given that we were looking for a caterer with the same food values as us.  From the beginning Jacki was super excited and energetic.  She will basically take your vision and make it happen.  For instance, I wanted angel food cake at our dessert bar, Jacki had never made it.  She found her grandmother’s recipe and perfected it before our big day.  I am pretty sure most caterers give you a choice of 3 desserts, take it or leave it.  Some don’t even have dessert as an option (I guess most people get a standard wedding cake – we saved some $$$ here and no one missed the cake).

dessert bar


I did not want a sit down meal, nor did I want a buffet.  I wanted guests to have the opportunity to move around the barn and not feel like they were chained to their table while they waited for the dinner to come.  Thus the heavy appetizer option was approached and Jacki was on board.

To start, Jacki sent me about 40 different options from menus she had created in the past and we went from there, and whittled it down to 7 different dinner-appetizers as I call them.  We had a wide range that would make both the meat and veggie lovers happy.  As someone who has a code about the meat I eat, it was important for me to serve local humanly raised animals while having plenty of options for those that didn’t eat meat at all.  I hate going to events where the only veggie option is pasta or there isn’t one at all.  Jacki even went the extra yard and grilled up some tofu for my mother-in-law (she is a vegetarian) so that she would have some protein with her meal.sweet potato
Not only did we get rave reviews for the food from our guests but the presentation was beautiful and everything was hot off the grill.  We never ran out of food and the food options that were served earlier in the night remained out for guests to graze on.  Have you ever been to a wedding were you miss one of the passed apps that you really wanted to try?  I have and I didn’t want that.  Jacki made it work.

If you are looking for a caterer who cares about the food they serve and their client, I encourage you to check out Patchwork Catering and tell Jacki I say Hi!

Most the above pictures are from our photographers Matt and Jess!


2 Comments on “Patchwork Catering”

  1. Heather and Nick, it was a real pleasure being able to take part in such an important day for you both. Thank you for allowing us to help you realize your food vision. Tom, myself and our entire team enjoyed our time with you, your family and friends. Big hugs to you both and we look forward to seeing you again soon! Cin-cin!

  2. […] our food so much that we received a very complementary review and a special treat when Heather blogged about her experience with us. “Not only did we get rave reviews for the food from our guests […]

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